Proceedings of the Iola Village Board of Trustees, Monday, August 8, 2016, 6:00 p.m.

     President Edler called the regular monthly meeting of the Iola Village Board of Trustees to order at 6:00 p.m. at the community center.  President Edler made the open meeting statement that this meeting and all other meetings of this Board are open to the public.  Proper notice has been posted and given to the press in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes so the citizenry may be made aware of the time, place and agenda of this meeting.  Board members present; President Edler, Trustees Rasmussen, Anderson, Briquelet and Parks.  Trustees Harper and Murphy were excused.  Others present; clerk Johnson, attorney Meagher, Lyle Mork, Tammie Jo Berg, Brian Korb, Officer Field, Mark Sether, Keith Williams and Jane Myhra.  President Edler led the Board in the pledge of allegiance.

     Moved by Kathy Briquelet, seconded by Richard Anderson, to approve minutes of the last regular meeting of July 11 as written, motion carried.

     Moved by Jim Rasmussen, seconded by Kathy Briquelet, for the Board to accept the corrected monthly police statistical report as prepared by Chief Prahl, motion carried.

       The monthly bills were presented to the finance committee for approval.  The finance committee examined the bills and recommended that they be allowed.  Moved by Jim Rasmussen, seconded by Kathy Briquelet, that the recommendation of the finance committee be adopted and an order drawn on the treasury for the various amounts, motion carried.

     The next item on the agenda was to consider a dog bite claim. Attorney Meagher explained to the Board that a Village resident, Diane Desautels filed a claim against the Village for damages incurred as a result of a dog bite which she sustained in January. Attorney Meagher pointed out that the Village is fully insured for these claims. The insurance not only covers any liability that is owed but it also provides for paying the cost of defense. Claims representatives and defense attorneys are handling the claim on behalf of the Village. Based on the investigations which have been completed thus far, it is the opinion of the insurance company that the claim should be denied because the damages sustained are in no way the fault or the negligence of the Village. Therefore, the insurance company recommended that the Village Board deny the claim. Following the presentation, it was moved by Richard Anderson and seconded by Pam Parks that the claim be denied. The motion was unanimously approved. Attorney Meagher will mail out a formal denial letter signed by Village Clerk Dan Johnson on Tuesday. A copy is attached. After that, the claimant cannot file a lawsuit against the Village for at least another six (6) months.

     Keith Williams and Attorney Meagher gave a presentation to the Board regarding a new borrowing resolution. A copy is attached. An additional $170,000.00 is being borrowed and refinanced into the current loan for the Village to pay for the remaining cost of reconstruction to Iola Street and to pay for the cost of a major roof repair over the Village building on Depot Street. Under the terms of the resolution, the additional $170,000.00 being borrowed will be added to the existing principal and the repayment provisions will be less than $100,000.00 each year. Under the terms of this resolution, the Village will be within the approved limits for borrowing and repayment of loans. Furthermore, by doing this as a general obligation debt, there are no underwriting costs to incur. Those can range from $5,000.00 to $20,000.00 depending on the issue.

     Following this discussion, it was moved by Jim Rasmussen and seconded by Pam Parks to adopt the resolution as presented. The motion was unanimously approved.

     Mark Sether, a candidate for Waupaca Couty Treasurer, gave a brief presentation to the Board.  Tammie Jo Berg distributed the August Chamber Liaison report.  The park committee will meet at a future date with Brian Korb to discuss proposed park improvements.  Job description revisions will be put on the September regular meeting agenda.

     Motion to adjourn by Jim Rasmussen, seconded by Richard Anderson, motion carried, meeting adjourned.

Dan Johnson, Village Clerk

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