Proceedings of the Iola Village Board of Trustees, Monday, June 13, 2016, 6:00 p.m.


     President Edler called the regular monthly meeting of the Iola Village Board of Trustees to order at 6:00 p.m. at the community center.  President Edler made the open meeting statement that this meeting and all other meetings of this Board are open to the public.  Proper notice has been posted and given to the press in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes so the citizenry may be made aware of the time, place and agenda of this meeting.  Board members present; President Edler, Trustees Briquelet, Anderson, Harper, Parks, Rasmussen and Murphy.  Others present; clerk Johnson, attorney Meagher, Tammie Jo Berg, Herb Trinrud, Thad Brown, Greg Loeser, Lyle Mork and Jane Myhra.  President Edler led the Board in the pledge of allegiance.

     Moved by David Harper, seconded by Richard Anderson, to approve minutes of the last regular meeting of May 9 as written, motion carried.

     Moved by Terry Murphy seconded by Jim Rasmussen, for the Board to accept the monthly police statistical report as prepared by Chief Prahl, motion carried. 

     The monthly bills were presented to the finance committee for approval.  The finance committee examined the bills and recommended that they be allowed.  Moved by David Harper, seconded by Jim Rasmussen, that the recommendation of the finance committee be adopted and an order drawn on the treasury for the various amounts, motion carried.

      Moved by Jim Rasmussen, seconded by Richard Anderson, for the Board to grant application for operators license (June 13, 2016 to June 30, 2016) by Nichole Douglas (Northern Lights Bar & Grille), pending police check, motion carried.

     Moved by Terry Murphy, seconded by David Harper, for the board to grant application for operators license (July1, 2016 to June 30, 2017) by Nichole Douglas (Northern Lights Bar & Grill), pending police check, motion carried.

     Moved by Jim Rasmussen, seconded by Pamela Parks, for the the board to accept the recommendation of the Plan Commission for a request for a zoning change from commercial to residential on property owned by Scott and Linda Garbe located at 105 Pine Tree Lane in the Village of Iola, motion carried.

     Herb Trinrud asked Thad Brown of Duro-Last to give a presentation to the Board regarding the manner in which the shop roof could be repaired.  The roof has been leaking for nearly one year and there will be more damage if it continues.

     Thad Brown recommends the repair include a membrane on the top which will accommodate the shifting of the underlying support structure.  The roof will be white in color, Class A Fire Rated and the seams are the strongest part since the sheets are welded together.  It will have a 15 year no dollar limitation warranty but traditionally, roofs of this nature last from 25 to 30 years.  The roof can be installed for $38,500.00.  Mr. Brown provided a proposal and a brochure describing the product.  Following the presentation, it was determined that the Board would inquire if the First National Bank could add $38,500.00 to the refinancing.  Therefore, no action was taken but the matter will be placed on the agenda of the July Board Meeting.

     Greg Loeser gave a presentation to the Board regarding Iola Living Assistance.  With respect to the loan request with the United States Department of Agriculture, progress has been slow.  As of the beginning of June, it is believed that all of the information required to make a decision has been provided.  It is estimated that the rate of interest will be somewhere between 2.87% and 3.0% for $12,000,000.00.  This will refinance the existing debt and then pay for the cost of a new addition to the Living Oaks facility.

     With regard to operations, Mr. Loeser reported that the profits for Butternut Ridge are fine; profits for Living Oaks are fine but the Skilled Nursing Facility at Iola Living Assistance has not done well.  This is attributable to the fact that neither the Medical Assistance Program nor the Medicare Program adequately reimburses the nursing home for expenses which it incurs to provide the services.  Approximately 65% of the residents receive Medical Assistance.  Mr. Loeser distributed a copy of the income statement for the four (4) months ending April 30, 2016.  A copy is attached.  The year to date loss is more than $191,500.00.  At the present time, Wisconsin has the worst Medical Assistance reimbursement rating in the United States.

     Moved by David Harper, seconded by Pamela Parks, for the board to donate $2,500.00 from the 2016 contingency fund to the American Legion Park monument project, motion carried.

    The chamber/liaison report was presented by Tammie Jo Berg.

     Motion to adjourn by Jim Rasmussen, seconded by David Harper, motion carried, meeting adjourned.

Dan Johnson

Village Clerk

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